Pesticide Sensitive Location Viewer


The NEW PSLV is still under construction is undergoing some additional changes and improvements, so changes will occur as development continues.  Improvements already made to the new viewer include:

· 2010 NAIP 1-meter aerial photography

· 2008 NAIP 1-meter aerial photography

· MOVING NEXRAD weather radar—Updated every 15 minutes

· Oklahoma Mesonet station wind data—Updated every 5 minutes


Please click the Question Mark on the map for additional information and HELP with using the map.


If the map fails to show all the appropriate layers at first, please close your browser window and re-open it.


For comments, questions or to report problems with the viewer, please e-mail: odaweb@oda.state.ok.us


State of Oklahoma

Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry

Mapping Server

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Pesticide Sensitive Location Viewer.